Helping Families Transition

Solutions for

 My Loved one​

Our team of case managers and healthcare professionals using technology

   can provide the support and guidance your family needs to navigate the aging process.  


Placement Services

We take a hands on approach to placement.  We meet in person and assess your needs. Then each care community is personally

"pre screened" to fit your family's personality. 

Senior Care

Specialized Senior

Real Estate Services

When the care plan requires moving out  

  of the family home our team of      

               Senior Real Estate Specialists

understand the challenges of making decisions related to the cost of care. 

We Understand ...

We know that aging gracefully is something that needs to be handled with dignity and care.  

Our "live" senior advocates are there by your side, offering 24/7 assistance to guide you and answer your questions.  

Even the ones you may not know to ask...

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Not only are we there for you, but our advocates take the initiative to meet your doctor so we can understand

how to better assist you. If you have any question please don't hesitate to call (714)921-9200.

Our team has a high level of experience in not only offering guidance but in helping families find care communities and care options tailored to your unique needs.   We then factor in both the financial and clinical dynamics to

help our clients create the most informed decisions.

Unique Approach to care MANAGEMENT

Few companies have the range and depth of expertise that Senior Home Advocates has to offer. 

Our team has training in nursing, social work, assisted living, wound care, finance, insurance, and real estate.

This allows you to save time and get a complete solution. Many of our clients are surprised to find that a company like ours exists.

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Our mission is to relieve seniors and their families of the stress related to the aging process and dealing with our ever changing, fragmented healthcare system.