Senior Real Estate Specialist

Senior Real Estate Specialist

As part of our team we work with specialized real estate agents partnered with our healthcare advocates to manage the unique components to the real estate transitions later in life.

Whether it be downsizing, reverse mortgages, a complex set of decisions relating to finances or placement we do our best to make the aging transition as seamless as possible.

Our Real Estate Agents are designated as Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES).

What does this mean?

Unlike your ordinary real estate agent, our agents have been specifically trained in the distinctive needs seniors and their families face. So not only do they assist you throughout your real estate transactions, they can educate you on the benefits and resources available to meet your goals.

We review your current housing situation and outline the topics you should consider as you make your next move.

Not only are we there to guide you every step of the way but we make sure that wherever it is you go, you get there safely. For this reason, we provide moving and liquidation resources, financial post retirement “cost of care” analysis and healthcare advocates to help you with every aspect of your move.

All Of Our Realtors Are SRES Designated

If you are a realtor interested in learning how to get your SRES designation call (949) 385-3938 to register for our upcoming class.

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